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I am Régis Lemberthe (they/them), a sound artist and designer based in Berlin.

My practice consists in building setups that build noise, which I later instal or perform. Although my first projects were sound sculptures devised to functioning in resonance with physical installations, my practice progressively shifted towards live performance while retaining the same approach to materiality.

My first performed installation was Glass Nest, a large structure through which melting ice triggered various types of resonances and electroacoustic signals. At the same time I started hosting experimental sound arts sessions at Noiseberg, Berlin, which allowed me to exchange perspectives on music-making with countless musicians from around the world—most of which I now call friends.

As a result, Glass Nest gave birth to several collaboration with musicians Analytical Engine, DFVOKKLL, and Uchi. Since 2015, Noiseberg expanded to over 100 sessions and four festivals, hosting more than 500 artists from around the world.

I later developed new projects around creative coding, with a focus on the live sonification of natural and mathematical phenomena—electromagnetic feedbacks, bouncing marbles, lissajous curves, or the erratic trajectories of a bristlebot swarm—and on building audiovisual stories from the outcome. With this practice I collaborated with Or Sarfati, Wissam Sader, Farah Hazim, Nour Sokhon. An attempt at building a mobile, minimal setup crystallised into Noisette, a no-input project turning the movement of electrons in simple machinery into deep, textured, at times rhythmic noise.

I also played as half of noise hip-hop venture The Next Christina Aguilera, devised soundtracks for live performances with dance-theatre group REPLICA, and composed soundtracks for live reading and drawing sessions with Sheree Domingo and AUUNAN.

When I don't work on sound things, I keep busy doing projects as part of Design Fiction studio N O R M A L S.