Since 2015
A series of monthly experimental music sessions where both local and touring musicians meet with music amateurs to present new pieces, works in progress, new collaborations, or any other experiments, Noiseberg is a project I founded, curate and host on the afternoon of each first Sunday in Berlin. 

with Roman Miletitch
At the height of the pandemic and in collaboration with Roman Miltetich's 'Electric Offense', we experimented with a hybrid mixed reality format, recording live performances with a custom multi-camera setup in order to recreate a 3D stage in social VR. After sanitary restrictions relaxed, the concept was taken back to Noiseberg's original venue, for the occasion reconstructed into a virtual space accessible to all, with its physical counterpart only open to a restricted audience. 
with Roman Miletitch and Unkraut
Based on the NBxEO concept, the Sonic Spree experience happened simultaneously on the Unkraut — a small boat navigating the tumultuous waters of the Spree — and in a virtual reconstruction of the boat floating within a virtual space. Spectators aboard could enjoy an evening of sound experiments, some reactive to the rocking of the boat or using hydrophones to capture river sounds. They were also invited to visit a virtual version of the boat, and to enjoy an alternative landscape merging real-life landmarks with eerie out-of-scale elements. That virtual version was also accessible to passers-by on the shore.

Sonic Spree was organised together with the Unkraut team as part of DAT FEST IV — DAT BOAT.  
2016 — 2021
DAT FEST is a mobile sound art festival binding a new concept, and location for each iteration, which I founded in 2016 as a yearly counterpart of then-weekly Noiseberg.

The first edition of DAT FEST (2016) gathered 80 artists and multiple audiovisual installations over two days in an unused hospital boiler room of former East Berlin. It was co-curated by Wojtek Bajda.

DAT FEST II — DAT WALK (2017) invited its audience to wander the streets of Kreuzberg for 12 hours in search of secret concerts, ending in a hour-long interactive installation from 3am to 3am on daylight savings night. 

DAT FEST III — DAT QUAD (2018) provided a sleepover stage for snoozing while listening to durational quadraphonic music sessions, crowned by a breakfast opera. It was co-curated by Federica Rossella and Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos.

Fourth in the series, DAT FEST IV — DAT BOAT (2021) happened in a hybrid space comprised of a boat navigating on the Spree and a virtual version of the same boat accessible as a social VR space. It was co-curated by Roman Miletitch.

2016 — 2018
A side-project of Noiseberg, Freaksdorf took place every Tuesday evening in a Neukölln bar.