August 2021
at Unkraut Berlin
in collaboration with Roman Miletitch
Following the growing success of Noiseberg, I founded DAT festival for experimental sounds in 2016, with the idea to make every edition a completely new beginning. After DAT FEST, the first edition which gathered 80 artists over two days in a former hospital boiler room, came DAT WALK during which the audience was invited to wander the streets of Kreuzberg for 12 hours in search of secret concerts, and DAT QUAD which provided a sleepover stage for snoozing while listening to durational quadraphonic music sessions, crowned by a breakfast opera.

Fourth in the series, DAT BOAT was devised in collaboration with Roman Miletitch as a nomadic experience. Aboard the Unkraut — a small boat navigating the tumultuous waters of the Spree — spectators could enjoy an evening of sound experiments, some reactive to the rocking of the boat or using hydrophones to capture river sounds. They were also invited to visit a virtual version of the boat, and to enjoy an alternative landscape merging real-life landmarks with eerie out-of-scale elements. To the best of our knowledge, this event was the first GPS-tracked, live updating Virtual Reality experience ever developed.